Quinta de la Rosa 2005 Vintage Port

29 Nov

Vintage Port is only declared a vintage when many different factors all come together to produce a premium quality wine, which may occur just three to four times in a decade.

2005 for Quinta de la Rosa produced just such a wine and after passing vigorous tests, it was given the approval by the IVDP; the Port Wine Institute. Without this independent approval, a Vintage Port can not exist.

Quinta de la Rosa is now owned and run by the Bergqvist family, but has roots going back nearly two centuries when the Feuerheerd family were the owners, relatives of the present owners. They have a fine range of both Port and non-fortified wines, all of which should be tasted.

Port Wine history uncovers many stories as to who really came up with the idea of adding “brandy” to wine. Whoever it was and I must add that I go with the theory that Portuguese monks were the original Port Wine makers; there is little doubt that the English were indeed the greatest buyers and shippers of Port Wine during the Napoleonic Wars; at a time when they sought alternatives to the French wines which they consumed in great quantities. Fighting wars did indeed require goodly amounts of alcohol it would seem.

The 2005 Vintage from Quinta de la Rosa is a wine which may be drunk as a young vintage, up to about 2020. Thereafter, some bottles should be stored for a further 8 or 9 years at least and enjoyed as a mature Vintage Port with very different characteristics. The flavours which develop whilst bottle maturing for 25 years are well worth the wait. The young rich red color and fruity flavours disappear over time to become nutty brown with age. Flavours typical of mature Ports will show themselves slowly, which may include flavours of nectar from flowers, dried fruits & nuts, cherry pipe tobacco and liquorice to name but a few.

If you are drinking the 2005 Vintage now, then make sure you get the temperature right and make sure you stand the bottle upright for several hours before opening. Bottles delivered by The Port Club for all Vintages will be accompanied by notes on how to store and how to enjoy your Port.

If you want to taste an older wine but have an issue with storing wine for so long and just cannot wait, then we have a larger selection of vintages and colheitas (both being Ports from a specific year as written on the bottle) which are ready to be enjoyed now. Have a look through our catalogue in the relevant section and if you have special requests, either write us an email or give us a call.

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