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Running a specialist Port Wine business primarily catering for customers in Switzerland. Our aim is to broaden public knowledge and appreciation of Port Wine, starting with our home market.

Quinta de la Rosa 2005 Vintage Port

Vintage Port is only declared a vintage when many different factors all come together to produce a premium quality wine, which may occur just three to four times in a decade.

2005 for Quinta de la Rosa produced just such a wine and after passing vigorous tests, it was given the approval by the IVDP; the Port Wine Institute. Without this independent approval, a Vintage Port can not exist.

Quinta de la Rosa is now owned and run by the Bergqvist family, but has roots going back nearly two centuries when the Feuerheerd family were the owners, relatives of the present owners. They have a fine range of both Port and non-fortified wines, all of which should be tasted.

Port Wine history uncovers many stories as to who really came up with the idea of adding “brandy” to wine. Whoever it was and I must add that I go with the theory that Portuguese monks were the original Port Wine makers; there is little doubt that the English were indeed the greatest buyers and shippers of Port Wine during the Napoleonic Wars; at a time when they sought alternatives to the French wines which they consumed in great quantities. Fighting wars did indeed require goodly amounts of alcohol it would seem.

The 2005 Vintage from Quinta de la Rosa is a wine which may be drunk as a young vintage, up to about 2020. Thereafter, some bottles should be stored for a further 8 or 9 years at least and enjoyed as a mature Vintage Port with very different characteristics. The flavours which develop whilst bottle maturing for 25 years are well worth the wait. The young rich red color and fruity flavours disappear over time to become nutty brown with age. Flavours typical of mature Ports will show themselves slowly, which may include flavours of nectar from flowers, dried fruits & nuts, cherry pipe tobacco and liquorice to name but a few.

If you are drinking the 2005 Vintage now, then make sure you get the temperature right and make sure you stand the bottle upright for several hours before opening. Bottles delivered by The Port Club for all Vintages will be accompanied by notes on how to store and how to enjoy your Port.

If you want to taste an older wine but have an issue with storing wine for so long and just cannot wait, then we have a larger selection of vintages and colheitas (both being Ports from a specific year as written on the bottle) which are ready to be enjoyed now. Have a look through our catalogue in the relevant section and if you have special requests, either write us an email or give us a call.

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1983 Quarles Harris Vintage Port

Quarles Harris is a name unfamiliar to many. So, is it the new kid on the Port block? Definitely not. Its formation date of 1680 makes it one of the oldest Port houses in existence. The well known Symington Family Estates is the owner of Quarles Harris. Symington Family Estates also own such names as Dow’s, Warre’s and Quinta de Vesuvio to name but a few.

The Port Club offers you a great opportunity to taste this special wine. We are promoting our half bottles (37.5 cl) as this is the perfect way to introduce yourself to a new product.

We tasted this wine at the end of 2011 and again in June 2012. Our overall opinion is that this is a very good wine indeed and it gets a big thumbs up from us.

Its colour was nowhere near expected. This was a light shade of dark red rather than the awaited reddish brown normally expected from a 30 year old vintage Port. It may perhaps continue to age and improve for the next 10 to 12 years.

On first taste one is hit by raspberry and other fresh berries. Allowing it to breathe in a decanter for half an hour brings out wonderful cherry pipe tobacco flavour, very rich and full on the palate.

This is a great wine to drink alone or share with friends at the end of a meal or on a weekend afternoon with  appetisers.

Our price for the half bottle is Fr. 48 inclusive of VAT. Place your order today.

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1952 Dalva Golden White Port


Clemente da Silva founded the company “C. da Silva” in the middle of 19th Century, or so it is

said. The history of the company and its “predecessor” company seems partially lost to

history though, judging by the available information.

Clemente was a Brazilian national who had the dream of building his very own quality wine

business during the 1930s / 1940s. So much so in fact that the then existing company

(incorporated in 1862) called Corrêa Ribeiro e Filhos, owned by his wife’s family may or

may not have actually been purchased by Clemente da Silva.

Whatever the situation, Clemente built a Port Wine house which initially exported Port

Wine to Brazil and North America; which was subsequently followed by Europe and Asia.

70 odd years later one would expect C. da Silva to be one of the major names in Port,

going by their breadth of export locations. However, this is not really the case. One reason

may perhaps be due to the different trading names involved. C. da Silva wines are sold under the

names “Dalva” and “Presidential”. Dalva is perhaps better known for its quality, but I would

guess that Presidential is more widely known.

Not unlike Quinta do Noval and their “Noval Nacional”, C. da Silva has a golden arrow in

its armoury; a wine of such quality that one may almost be forgiven for forgetting their

other Ports.

I am referring to the aptly named “Golden White”.

The white tawny Ports of Dalva from 1952 and 1963 are a pure delight.

Dalva, with their 1952 Golden White, have in my opinion succeeded in reaching a quality

which will be nigh on impossible to surpass. They have set a standard for other Port

houses to follow with this particular style.

The colour of the Golden White reflects its long years of barrel ageing. It is now a nutty

light brown colour; almost golden one would say!

Its beauty: simplicity in its drinking.

This wine may be opened and drunk without the need to decant, without the need to filter

and without the need to stand to allow sedement to settle.

According to the notes of the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2009 where the

Dalva 1952 was awarded Silver best in class, “the wine shows a light delicate amber.

There is a touch of iodine and dried orange peel on the nose and a bouquet which is

ample, complex fully mature and reflecting its age. Graceful in the mouth, beautifully

smooth texture and complex flavours among which are tea, orange peel and tangy fruit.

The finish brings acacia honey, orange marmalade and rose hip. Fully enjoyble now and

will continue to age slowly and gracefully.”

Order a case of 6 today and secure yourself a piece of Port Wine history at the very

favourable price of CHF 1’222.20. These bottles are ideally sized at 50cl and are

individually packaged. Unlike real Gold, the availability of the 1952 Dalva Golden White is most definitely


They make ideal gifts, but better yet, an unbeatable wine to enjoy with close friends at any

time of day. The Dalva 1952 Golden White Port should be served at about 12°C or cooler.

Refer to the menu on the right side of the screen and call us to place an order, or use the

printable order form, also shown on the menu.

This is a stunner of a wine, try it yourself.



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Quinta de la Rosa 10 year old tawny Port

Wash out those winter blues at the start of this year.

Our choice for the coming cold period is a 10 year old tawny Port from Quinta de la Rosa which is a beautifully crafted wine. This is a blend made from wines which have been barrel aged in small oak casks for an average period of 10 years.

Recommended to warm the hearts of even the chilliest amongst us, the Tonel No. 12  exudes quality and brings forward flavours of a mature wine whilst avoiding the sweetness of many other 10 year old tawnies.

Picture by courtesy of Quinta de la Rosa

Drink on its own at about 14°C or with lightly salted almonds. For other suggestions see our Catalogue listed in the menu on the right hand side.

The price of this 10 year old tawny is CHF46.00 for a 75cl bottle which is inclusive of VAT.



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Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers from The Port Club are available and are a great gift for family and friends.

You choose an amount, send us a request by email to with your full details, your required voucher amount and we will sort out the rest.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0041 44 722 20 43 or on Skype at epw2660.

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Great gift possibilities

Port in presentation boxes:

Vintage port
2003 Vesuvio (6 bottle box) Chf 622 per case of 6
1997 Vesuvio (6 bottle box) Chf 712 per case of 620111114-133608.jpg

Aged tawny
30 years Sandeman (Chf 255) 20111114-133658.jpg
10 years Noval (Chf 36)
20 years Noval (Chf 85)
40 years Noval (Chf 178)20111114-133755.jpg

1951 Kopke (Chf 418)20111114-133820.jpg

1937 Warres (Chf 395)20111114-133918.jpg
1974 Barros (Chf 120)20111114-133930.jpg

1952 Dalva 50cl as pictured here (Chf 210)




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The Port Club is now open for business


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