a) Introduction


Port Wine & more

The Port Club was set up in May 2011 to satisfy the growing need both for knowledge about Port and for Port Wine itself. We believe there is no greater height to be achieved by a grape than to be part of a fine Port Wine.

Port wine is produced in a small demarcated region of Portugal to the East of Porto, along the River Douro. Thus, the physical boundaries are restricted and by its very nature Port is a fortified wine produced in very limited quantities.

                                  The area is the oldest regulated demarcated region in the world

The Port Club is open to everyone with or without membership. Members do however, receive a number of benefits. We will put together a package of several wines for you to try every few months. This, along with other special offers, various information and first priority on limited quantity bottles will allow you to gain good knowledge of Port wine and its history. Please contact us if you are interested in joining The Port Club as a Member.

                                 Members receive a number of benefits and privileges

Dows, Taylors, Fonseca and Niepoort are examples of top Port houses known to many people, but Port wine appreciation involves tasting and enjoying the house styles of many other names. We strive to bring you Ports from many different houses, allowing you to benefit from all.

Located on the western side of Lake Zurich in Switzerland we may be contacted at or on +41 76 577 90 26. Our catalogue may be found on this website under the “Pages” menu.

Picture by courtesy of Quinta de la Rosa


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