b) Reference guide

Our catalogue is divided into a number of sections reflecting the most widely recognised styles of Port. The prices shown include VAT and may alter from time to time depending upon supply. Prices will also be updated regularly. We recommend that you contact us when you wish to be advised on the choice of Port wine to buy or when you wish to place an order. The catalogue can be accessed via the menu on the right hand side of the screen under “Pages”.

Please note that we also have a small selection of red wines as part of our stock, which you will soon find at the end of the catalogue. 

In making a selection of Port to purchase it is helpful to know the various styles and the differences between them. Do take the time to taste and compare the various Ports yourself. If you are new to Port, we recommend you start with the Late Bottled Vintage, the Ruby reserve and the 10 year old tawny Ports. They reflect individual flavours from very different maturity processes. Please refer to the Port Style Guide also shown in the pages section of our site.

Purchase guide

Your Port purchase may be guided by consideration of the following factors:

Port for everyday drinking
Matching Port with food
Summer-fresh Port
Cooking with Port
Special occasion & Anniversary Ports
The “100 pointers”
Long term storage for investment & enjoyment by the next generation
Comparing Port styles and years

Port for everyday drinking

We recommend quality Ports which offer especially good value for money. These include Late Bottled Vintage, Ruby Port and 10 year old tawny. LBV and tawny may be refrigerated after opening for periods of up to 6 weeks. The ruby, also refrigerated, retains its taste for about 3 weeks.
Also look out for our special offer “Port combinations” which we will make available during the course of each year. Ask us for details.

Matching Port with Food

Matching a Port wine with food requires a willingness to try different combinations. It has been said that one should be guided by the intensity of the flavours involved. A Late Bottled Vintage will go very well with mild soft and hard cheeses, chocolate cake and dark chocolate for example.
A young vintage or indeed a Ruby reserve will go wonderfully with a rare steak, but beware of sauces as these can have very intense flavours and may overpower some lighter vintages. Please ask for details of our Chocolate and Port possibilities.

Summer-fresh Port

There is nothing better after a hot day than a cool drink. A wonderfully refreshing drink is a White or Ruby Reserve Port. To white Port add a splash of tonic, fresh mint and ice for a great cooler. This is unbeatable as an aperitif at any time of year.

Cooking with Port

Good cooks will never take a poor quality wine to use in their food. The same applies to cooking with Port. Ruby reserve, 10 year old tawny and Late Bottled Vintage all go well in dishes with red meat.
If you are making a Port Wine reduction (which pairs beautifully with game & other strongly flavoured meat) where perhaps a half bottle or more is required, we can recommend our Quinta de la Rosa Ruby Port. We would also recommend a White Port of Quinta de la Rosa to cover the base of a baking tray to add moisture & taste to a large slow-cooked roast.

Special Occasion & Anniversary Ports

To this category belong the Special & Rare Ports, the older Aged tawnies, the Vintage Ports and the Colheitas. It also includes aged White Port, an unexpected thrill. Bear in mind that the selection of Port Wine in this catalogue is not exhaustive. Some of the old Ports may display signs of their age, which could include partial or even full loss of the label and partial loss of the content. this is quite normal & we adjust our selling prices accordingly. We are happy to locate and purchase any Port for you. Do you have a wedding anniversary or birthday which you will shortly celebrate? Why not gift a bottle of Port from a specific year? Many people also look for a special gift for their children or grand-children. Buying young Vintage Port is ideal as some may be left to mature for 40 years or more before they are ready to drink.

The “100 pointers”

Wine Spectator and Robert Parker have awarded a maximum 100 points to a number of Vintage Ports including Taylor’s of 1992, 1994 & 2003; Fonseca of 1977 & 1994; Quinta do Noval Nacional of 1963 & 1994, Dow’s of 2007 and Quinta do Noval of 1997. Some of these are listed in our catalogue. Please contact us should you wish to purchase these or others.

Long term storage Investment

We provide a range of services for investors and clients wishing to store Port for future consumption and sale. Future generations will also be happy to benefit from your regular investment.
Young Vintage Port represents great value for money and if stored correctly should provide a good return on your investment. It is not unusual for a good Vintage to double in price over a period of 10 years. Ask us for further details. Some of our stock has been put aside esecially for investors.

Comparing Port styles and years

We are happy to put together a selection of Ports for you to try. Tasting notes will, where available, be sent together with your order, so that you have all the information at your finger-tips.
We are here to accompany you on a journey of the Port experience. Enjoying Port need not be limited to drinking a glass now and again. Your enjoyment of Port heightens with knowledge. Take the time to locate and read some of the publications explaining the history of Port Wine and the families & traditions involved with the production & consumption of this wonderful fortified wine.


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